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Did you know?

•   Bed bugs thrive in homes!

•   Bed bugs lay up to 500 eggs in a lifetime, and

    mature extremely quickly!

•   When a bed bug bites, it creates an analgesic

    effect, which means you probably won't feel it  

    until the itching starts!  

•   Bed bugs can live for months without eating!


You shouldn't have to deal with the itchy, painful effects of bed bugs. Let us help keep them out of your home.

Put your trust in our fully licensed and insured team.

Settle into a healthier bed at night

Nothing makes your skin crawl quite like the thought of a bed infested with bugs. If you have been dealing with the itchy, painful results of a bed bug invasion, you don't have to go to extreme measures. Give us a call and let us refresh your bed.


Bed bugs are not pests that you can handle on your own. Do-it-yourself methods are usually ineffective and generally make getting rid of them harder as aerosol foggers that most do it yourselfersuse push them to different and deeper Encon provides chemical treatments for bed bugs

as well as heat treatments for bed bugs. Chemical treatments cost less however require alot of preperation on the customer. Heat treatments cost more but are less inasive as you do not have to wash all your clothes in your bureaus and closets and are less invasive to the homeowner.

Give us a call to schedule your appointment.


Have confidence

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