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Trust us to safely manage your

bee problem

•   Our thorough inspections identify not just the

    location of the most obvious hive, but also

    hidden sections and concealed colonies

•   There are three different castes within the

    average bee colony, including the Queen, drones,

    and workers. Removal of the Queen means

    destruction of the entire colony

•   Just because a hive has been dormant for a year

   or two doesn't mean a colony won't move into it.


From inspecting your building to safely removing hives and nests, our team can effectively remove stinging insects to restore the safety of your location. Call us for a FREE quote of your recommended solutions so you can make a confident decision.

Our licensed and insured team is ready to help protect your family from the dangers of stinging insects.

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Protect your family from stinging pests

Summer may bring many welcome things, but the bees and wasps that emerge and thrive in the warmer months are not one of them. Their presence can be a nuisance, and their painful sting can put your family at serious risk. Let us help protect your family.

Getting rid of the dangerous stinging pests that have decided to create their home on yours doesn't have to be disastrous to the environment. We utilize environmentally-friendly techniques.

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Encon got right back to me and administrator was diligent in learning my exact needs. The owner even called me personally one night to discuss. They quoted me a great price and came to exterminate the very next day.


I was extremely happy with their service and would definitely recommend calling them!!!

- Lynn L. Warwick, RI