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Did you know?

•   Cockroaches can live and reproduce for up to 7

    days without having a head

•   Cockroaches reach maturity in just over a month

•   A cockroach can survive being submerged in

   water for a half an hour or more

•   Cockroaches are extremely resistant to

   temperature, and can even survive in a freezer

Our licensed and insured team of technicians utilizes environmentally-friendly methods to manage your cockroach problem while protecting your home and family. Be sure to "like" us on Facebook to get $20 OFF your first pest control service.

Cockroaches love your home for the same reasons you do. Let us make it less welcoming for them.

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Remove your unwanted guests

A roach skittering across the floor when you turn the lights on is enough to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Don't let these creepy-crawlies make you feel unwelcome in your own home. Call us for a FREE inspection.

Cockroaches could cause serious problems for your home or business. In fact, they have been blamed for the outbreak of a variety of disease. Look to us to help you protect your home.

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They were hired to perform an inspection.

I intend to use their services going forward.

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