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What are bed bugs? Bed bugs are insects that feed on the blood of people and animals.


What do bed bugs look like? When bed bugs first hatch they are the size of a pin head and clear to a light beige color. As bed bugs mature and begin to feed they are round to oval in shape and become brown to red in color.


What are the signs I have bed bugs? Blood stains on sheets and welts on arms legs and thighs. Bed bug bites vary in size and tend to be larger than flea bites. Bed bugs will tend to bite 3-4 times in a straight line.


What will a bed bug bite do to me? Bed bug bites are not known to transmit infectious diseases. Bites usually itch and scab up but will vary from person to person


How did bed bugs get into my home? Bed bugs are transported into your home through luggage, clothing and other personal items during travel. Purchasing used furniture and matrices can also bring this unwanted guess into your home.


Where do bed bugs hide? Bed bugs hide in and around bedding and couches, areas that people frequent. Bed bugs hide behind headboards, under box springs, matrices seems, bed skirts, night stands, chest draws, couch seams, electrical sockets, books and many other places.


Do I have to through away my bed and furniture? No, you do not need to through away any furniture and bedding as long as it is treated properly.


How can I be sure if I have bed bugs? You should consult with a certified pest specialist and have them do a thorough inspection. If you see what you think is a bed bug you should save in a vile and have it identified.


When travelling how can I inspect the room I am staying in? The most common places in a hotel room to find bed bugs would be behind the headboard usually hung on the wall or along the cheesecloth where it is stapled to the base of the box spring.


How do I treat for bed bugs once I find them? The best way to treat for bed bugs is to hire a professional pest control company. They are the most informed and have the experience to eliminate the problem. There are many products out there for the consumer to do their own bed bug treatment however most consumers do not have the experience to eliminate the problem 100%.


Thermal Remediation allows the consumer to remedy their bed bug problem without the use of pesticides. Heat is used to draw out bed bugs from hiding and kills them dead. The apartment or home is heated to 135 and temperatures are held for 3-4 hours. During this time items are moved so bed bugs cannot find cold spots and survive. Cloths and curtains are all heated so washing them is not necessary. The total process takes approximately 8 hours from start to finish.