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Keep your surroundings clean

and safe

•   Identification of entry points

•   Recommendations of structural repairs

•   Tamper resistant bait stations installed only in

    areas of your home or business that are not

    accessible to pets or children

•   Environmentally-safe chemical treatment options

    that pose little to no risk of harmful effects

•   Property inspections

If you have noticed a rodent problem in your home or business, call us for a thorough inspection. We will evaluate the exterior of your structure to identify how the mice or rats are getting in so we can offer recommendations for solutions.

Get the information you need to make confident decisions about your pest control by calling for a FREE quote.

Protect your home with green, safe techniques.

Are rodents making themselves

at home?

Rodents can put your home or business at risk of disease, food contamination, and damage. Discovering mice or rats in your home is horrifying, but there is no need to panic. Give us a call and let us tell the rodents to move along.

Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians will give you absolute confidence! You'll be amazed at the effectiveness and safety of our rodent management and removal services!

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Safe management

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The company was extremely knowledgable, couteous and dependable. I would definitely recommend this company.

- Brian L. Uxbridge, MA



The tech was great and knowledgeable!

- Jonathan B. Stonington, CT