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For a more green approach the active ingredient in Altriset® termiticide was formulated based on a naturally occurring compound found in the bark of a South American plant, Ryania speciosa. From this, scientists created a breakthrough termiticide that works unlike any other. When a professional applies Altriset, he or she only needs a low dose to control termites and ensure extended residual control.

Altriset protects your home by stopping further damage and fully controlling the termite infestation within three months. Altriset also provides long-lasting protection in surrounding soil to prevent future damage so you can live free from the worry of termites.

In fact, studies show that just one application of Altriset can fully protect your home from termites for years.





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Taurus SC Termiticide contains the same active ingredient as the popular Termidor SC, the non-repellent Fipronil. Fipronil belongs to the phenylpyrazole family of insecticides, acting primarily as a GABA inhibitor, attacking the central nervous system of the termite. Fipronil is extremely effective, yet it works slowly enough on termites and takes advantage of the natural food-sharing habits of this social insect. This means that the fipronil in Taurus SC spreads throughogh the entire colony, killing not just those insects that come in contact with the direct spray or residual, but all the others they contact, resulting in colony elimination.

Encon offers their customers two different products to eliminate termites from your home. Taurus SC or a more green approach with Altriset.


Dennis quickly addressed my problem which was clothes moths in my basement. He then set traps which will be checked in a month.I am very happy to have the situation under control.

- Debra J. East Greenwich, RI